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Several years ago, I began making jewelry and embarked on a journey of healing that brought my
resiliance, courage, and joy out of a dark hiding place and into the light.


Each colorful, sparkling creation became a power amulet, giving me the strength to leave
my old story behind and show up as the woman I was meant to be.  


I have embarked on a journey of healing naturally and discovered the power of essential oils. These gifts of the earth have given me the ever elusive health, energy and happiness I was lacking. 


I have integrated these instrumental tools to help you unveil the beautiful, 

authentic life you were meant to live.


You are in the right space if you are ready to… 

step into your own brilliant light,

love and accept yourself abundantly,

reveal your own lustrous, inner pearl.


I invite you to experience The Emerging Pearl where everything is infused with love and healing.



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