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Jewely Can Boost Your Confidence

Have you ever been in a jewelry store and found the most perfect piece call out to you? It’s the kind of jewelry that begs to be picked up. You immediately feel you have to put it beside your ear, around your wrist, or even posed close to your neck so you can see how it looks on you, only to realize that it looks wonderful! It fits your personality so beautifully that you MUST purchase it right then and there. Isn’t it a lovely feeling? Suddenly you feel gorgeous. This is how it should be! Jewelry has the potential to change your day, and there is a reason it holds such power.

As it turns out, researchers have discovered that both clothes and jewelry can be linked to a person’s emotional state and well-being. The type of jewelry a person is wearing can strongly affect a person’s mood, as well as how they feel about their entire day. Many people don’t even realize how their outfit and jewelry affects them on a daily basis, however, scientists have found that your attire can reveal a sense of self-worth that may be buried beneath the turmoil that is life.

As matter of fact, a study from the University of Hertfordshire found that women’s clothing choices were being influenced by their moods. It only stands to reason that the opposite effect could take place. When you really need to feel that uplifting confidence and beauty in your day, jewelry can be the extra edge you need. My handmade jewelry is specifically made to bring out your inner pearl.

Let's face it—life’s struggles can bring us down. Sometimes life experiences can hurts us, scars us, and even causes deep wounds that feel as if they will never heal. We also face fear, insecurities and lack of confidence. Believe me, I understand. That is one reason I began my journey designing and creating jewelry. I still had to face the world in spite of whatever turmoil and challenges I was facing, and wearing something empowering gave me that extra push to walk out the door knowing I looked put together. Hard to imagine that a little bling could inspire courage, strength, assertiveness and happiness to start my day off strong.

Even when you feel down in the dumps, put your best self out there, and as studies have shown, it can positively impact your mood and outlook. My mission is to highlight your beauty, both inside and out. You're a gem and my jewelry reminds you of that!

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